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29 Aug 2015 Deck railing paint can fail prematurely the following identifies some reasons and remedies. 1. Wood was wet when it was painted. (If only the surface of the wood is wet, then only one sunny day is usually needed for drying prior to painting. If the wood is saturated, several sunny or windy days are necessary). 2. Unfinished railings where exposed to several weeks of sunlight before painting.

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13 Nov 2012 Discussion of procedures for proper preparation where paint has failed on porch rail.

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Examine the surface of the floor, walls, ceilings and railings carefully for loose screws or nails. If you find some loose ones, secure the fasteners in place, setting their heads slightly below the wood's surface. Scrape off old paint with a paint scraper. If the paint that remains on the porch is going to cause the surface to appear uneven after you give it a coat of paint, consider sanding the entire surface. If the old paint is glossy, it needs a light sanding so the new paint will adhere to it.

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19 Dec 2012 From Dunn Edwards Paints: . Professional painter Cole Schaefer shows the best way to paint a wood deck. For more how to paint video Our deck on the back side was so weathered from the hot sun , it was literally dry and gray and the Thompsons made it look brand new and and sealed it and it feels smooth. If you paint it I do not care what brand you use it will peel then you are stuck scrapping that paint off before repainting and 

Use a roller to paint railings. If you bend the mini roller to a 45

Use a roller to paint railings. If you bend the mini roller to a 45 degree angle it makes painting the rails a breeze.

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13 Nov 2012 Description of tools and supplies needed for a repaint project on a porch rail and spindles system. This common paint failure occured when treated lumber was

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Generally, you should prime any surface before applying paint, especially wood. Outdoor wood surfaces, such as the floor and railings of a porch, are constantly exposed to moisture, temperature, and

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12 Jun 2014 We hope that the work we put into this will protect the wood from the elements and keep it looking great for a while. (Although much of what we read says that we'll need to re stain every year or two, the railings should hold up for longer.) As you may know, I've been lucky enough to work with Behr for the past year as a DIY Expert. I've used (and purchased) so much Behr paint in the past five years and am excited to come up with a new painting project each month.

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porch rails, much like the porch itself, require repainting every now and then as the paint starts to chip, fade or peel away. While it may seem a tedious process, it can't be skipped if you want to improve the look of the porch as a whole. As with any painting project, using the right tools for the job makes the task go by a lot faster and easier. Small paintbrushes or a miniature paint roller come in handy for those tight spaces and narrow surfaces without creating a large mess.

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22 Oct 2009 A new coat of paint on front porch posts and railings can freshen the look of the whole house. Paint the porch white or with an accent color. Before you paint porch posts and

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13 Nov 2015 Brian and I have come to find that it's actually a great time to paint, especially areas that need more frequent repainting like porch railings, fences, and wood structures like garden arbors that are exposed to the elements. We love the long porch that This brings us to one of the key reasons early fall is a great time to repaint and touch up exterior trim and molding: it's thoroughly dry from the summer, which is important for any bare wood areas. In spring there's usually 

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How to Paint porch railings. porch railings go through wear and tear because they are used often and exposed to the elements. You may need to repaint your railings every 5 to 10 years, and perhaps more often in humid or extreme climates. Two Methods:Prepping your porch railingspainting your porch railingsCommunity Q&A wooden railings that have been improperly painted or painted long ago may be loose and have gaps between the spindles and railings. These gaps 

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The method that most people use to install deck railings creates a problem. They nail or screw the bare wood in place and spread paint or finish afterward, and this leaves the end grain of almost every piece they use exposed to moisture. As a result, rot can develop at the ends of handrails, the bases of posts and the points where the balusters connect to the bottom rail. If the rot on any of these is advanced enough to require replacement, be sure to prime or seal the piece before you 

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Put on a respirator, scrape loose and peeling paint and sand bare wood and paint margins smooth. If there are more than a few spots, you may wish to sand the entire porch down to an intact paint layer or bare wood. Rough up smooth surfaces with sandpaper or steel wool and sweep the porch clean.

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28 Aug 2012 Many times, dishonest contractors paint over dirty surfaces or peeling paint, this project will last half the time if lucky. With a simple two step process y

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2 May 2012 Follow scraping with sanding to remove loose paint edges and damaged wood fiber. Sanding will minimize the surface variation between remaining paint, and bar

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28 Aug 2014 The top porch rail is made up of four separate pieces of 5/4″ x 6″ pressure treated Ponderosa Pine. During the winter, water and snow on the rail melts and freezes many times. This stresses the wood to paint interface because the wood expands when is gets wet, making it difficult for the paint to stay attached. My plan was to apply epoxy to parts of the railing to compare its weathering resistance to sections that were treated only with paint primer over bare wood.

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Thank you so much for the kind words about our new deck and railings. To say I'm smitten with the space would be an understatement. I wanted to share our proces.

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Because porch railings are outside, they're easily weathered by sun and rain. While these railings can be made of iron or vinyl, most porch railings are made of easy to install wood. If you decide on having a wooden porch railing, you should paint it often to keep it looking new.