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in order to make this highly specialized wood, liquid acrylic resin is pulled through the wood under suction and then cured. Once dry, these blanks utilize normally unusable/unstable wood, producing some of the most shockingly beautiful projects. The dept.

How to Double Dye Stabilize Wood for Pen Blanks, Knife Scales and

9 Aug 2016 Double dye stabilizing is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your turning blanks. It imparts color throughout the entire piece of wood rather than just the top

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DISCOVER THE BREATHTAKinG BEAUTY OF VIVID stabilized woodS. Our mission is to source the highest quality wood materials and produce the most stunning stabilized wood blocks for your needs. stabilized wood will not shrink or crack, yet it can easily be shaped with conventional wood working tools or CNC machines. Colors penetrate all the way through the wood, unlike traditional stains or dyes. Shop Our stabilized wood. Pen blanks. stabilized for durability and easy 

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These pre finished floorboards are built according to top European standards, using adhesives that are perfectly compliant with current UNI EN regulations controlling formaldehyde emission; varnish application, with 6 coats of hard wearing acrylic finish; perfect trimming using diamond tooled high precision planing machines. All products comply with UNI EN 13489 standards. Outfloor. Outfloor is solid wood deck flooring for outdoor areas. It is manufactured in both decking planks and 

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The stabilizing process uses a vacuum to remove all the air from the wood, replacing it with a heat activated resin that in turn forms a polymer backbone in pieces that would otherwise be too fragile to use. Additionally, resin Our stabilized blanks are chosen for their extreme figure caused by spalting, a deterioration of the fibers of the wood by fungi. stabilized Stabilization does add some reinforcement, but the pieces are still essentially wood and may not turn and finish like plastic.